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What Students Say...

"You are such a great teacher, and have such an amazing ear and  intuitive sense for knowing exactly what is going on with my voice...  and for using the right words to get me to know what you mean by the  input you are giving. You really have such a great talent as a musician,  artist, singer, and teacher... and that's not easily found!!" 
- Peter Brandt, Professional actor/singer (recently in final company of original Broadway production of Les Miserables), writer. 

"Thank you so much for helping my daughter yesterday! You positively touched her soul and she loved your coaching so much that she found her joy again. Thank you for helping an artist find her way home again. Xoxo God bless you forever!"
- L. Y. from Palo Alto, CA.

"As a performer in Fleetwood Mask (a local band who pays tribute  to Fleetwood Mac) I needed a voice teacher to help me emulate the vocal  sound and style of Christine McVie.  I came to Jeannette who was able to  creatively help me to achieve this goal!  My band mates are happier,  our fans are happier and I'm so much happier! Thank you Jeannette!" 
- Barbara Martin, lead performer Fleetwood Mask-The Ultimate Tribute to Fleetwood Mac www.fleetwoodmask.com

"Jeannette, I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for  Amy this past year. She just finished three performances of Rent and  blew everybody away. She has so much more control over her voice now.  She used to always belt and at times it sounded like shouting. Now she  has this sweet tone to her voice and is able to control her belts and  switch to head voice or a mix of head and chest. People were amazed that  she is only 14. It has been so exciting to hear her progression and we  look forward to what you are able to help her develop with her voice in  the future. I am so happy that Pierce recommended you. It is so hard to  find a good vocal teacher and you are an amazing one. Thank you  again-Linda" 
- Linda Semelmayer of Pleasanton, CA 

"It  has been almost a year now since you have become my vocal coach. I want  to thank you for all you have done for me. I really appreciate your  "user-friendly" way of teaching! I was not sure what to expect when I  first met you, and I came to you with a lot of bad vocal habits. You  have refined my voice and given me a technique that will help me to  continue my success as a worship leader. I really appreciate the time  you take with me and how you always make me feel like I am special and  important. You have given me so much confidence that now I know I can do  anything! You have given me the tools to become a true professional.  Thank you for helping me find my true voice." 
- Marnée Kaufman, Praise and Worship singer in Pleasanton, CA 

"I've studied with several voice instructors over the last 10  years. No other vocal instructor I've had compares in their ability to  truly understand each student's needs. Jeannette doesn't use a "cookie  cutter" method. Instead, she dives in with the student and addresses  their needs with specific instruction tailored to that student. My range  has grown by an octave. My ease of singing has dramatically improved.  She has exposed me to a variety of different styles of music so every  lesson is exciting. My one year with Jeannette has been a  transformation". 
- Samantha Achuff of Pleasanton, CA 

"As an accomplished symphonic musician, I have always had a secret  desire to sing. I knew this would be a challenge with my thin, raspy,  crackling voice, but wanted to try. After taking lessons from a  popularized pyramid-schemed singing coach, I was achieving limited  results and soon became discouraged. I almost gave up when thankfully, I  found Jeannette. Wow! What a difference! Within two months, Jeannette  helped me improve the quality of my voice to the point where I actually  enjoy it when I sing and play guitar, and I am even planning to audition  for leading choruses in the area! Jeannette simplifies complex  techniques, challenges me at my own pace and has an overall supportive  instructive style. She teaches sound, time-tested procedures that can  create a solid foundation for any singer. I highly recommend her!" 
- Shelly Kobb, San Jose 

"I have been a professional guitarist for ten years in both the  Los Angeles and San Francisco metropolitan areas. Over the years I have  also studied privately and in group settings with many esteemed vocal  instructors including the Seth Riggs protégé John Scott. Given all of my  experience, I can say with confidence that Jeannette is a fabulous  voice instructor. Under her guidance I have dramatically improved all of  the major areas of my voice including range, tone, and control.  Jeannette is also very easy to work with. I highly recommend her  coaching to singers of all types and abilities." 
- Jeff Weinstein, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter 

"Jeannette  Smith has been my vocal teacher and coach for nearly two years and I  have loved and appreciated every minute of it. She creates an experience  that is unmatched by any teacher with whom I've ever worked. Her  combination of flawless technique and nurturing environment make lessons  something that I look forward to every week. She embodies a natural  approach to singing; unlike so many teachers that have taught me in the  past. Simply stated, my voice doesn't hurt when I sing. I have one  person to thank for that...Jeannette Smith!" 
- Lauren Gatzka (now owns LG Vocal Studio)
"Hi, Jeannette.  I just wanted to add my "voice" to the "chorus"  of kudos that you've undoubtedly received from your legion of  appreciative parents and students.  Sunday's recital was a wonderful  event -- what a range of delightful voices of every age, shape and size!   The quality of the performances, and the warm and loving spirit  that took hold of the church as we came together to celebrate your work,  are testament to your skills and spirit.  Congratulations on a very  successful and enjoyable event, and many thanks from my daughter and me  for all of the hard work and love that you've put into her lessons.   Best regards, Michael" 
- Michael J. Shpizner, Vice President and General Counsel, Fujitsu America, Inc. 

"I perform with a group of ladies who sing 1940's- 60's songs.  Though I could carry a tune, I had the "weakest" voice in the group.  Jeannette helped me to start breathing correctly, taught me where to  "place" the sound and understand about chest voice and head voice. It  has made a dramatic improvement in what I can sing and the quality of  the sound. Plus, I feel a lot more confident about it. She is very  knowledgeable and always positive and encouraging. I lucked out when I  found her!" 
- Cindy Shon, The Swingin' Blue Stars of the USS Hornet 

"I had never had any voice training when I came to Jeannette's  studio. With her patience, experience, and guidance, I have made amazing  progress in just a few months and it's exhilarating! Jeannette truly  has a gift for teaching, motivating, and encouraging her students in a  relaxed environment. Her holistic techniques and exercises are very  effective. Our sessions are like a combination of meditation and  therapy! Jeannette is helping me to find my true, natural voice, and she  is inspiring me to take it places I never thought I could go. Thank  you, Jeannette, for helping me to make my dreams come true!"  
- Anne Timberlake of San Ramon, CA 

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Barbara Martin in Fleetwood Mask

Barbara Martin in Fleetwood Mask